Three and a half years later this project is finished and the CD is ready for release.  Eight new originals by Dave and two great covers.  I sure hope that folks like the way it sounds.  Dave Constantino is a local legend and the first ever inductee to the Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame (1983).  His reputation speaks for itself.

One of the things that sets this CD apart is the lack of effect pedals on the guitar.  There are no distortion, chorus, delay or any other stomp boxes on this recording. Dave used a crybaby wah wah on 'Let It Go' but on the rest of the tracks the guitar was plugged directly into the amplifier.  The sounds you hear were generated by Dave's 1971 Les Paul (he bought the guitar brand new at Art Kubera Music in Buffalo NY) and one of two 1974 Marshall 50w all tube heads with a Tom Scholz Power Soak and either a Marshall 4x12 or occasionally a 2x12 Cabinet. These vintage Marshalls have no reverb and no master volume. Dave's sounds are the sounds that the currently available effect pedals and modeling amplifiers attempt to mimic. 

The guitar amp is close mic'd with a Shure SM57 and there are a pair of AKG C414's in the mid/side configuration about ten feet away.  Most of the rhythm parts are stacked and panned left and right .  Dave is very good at moving the speaker cabinet around to get the best room sound possible. Any effects that you hear are from the Pro Tools software.  Though most of the rhythm parts are totally dry there is a bit of stereo delay and reverb on the solos.  The Virtual Leslie Speaker is used on 'Tables Turn' and on 'Turn Back Time'.  

Dave Pressley from Asheville, NC is the consummate rock drummer. Though he is comfortable playing with a click track he is best known for playing 'behind the beat'. In his words: 'I've been hired for playing behind the beat and I've been fired for playing behind the beat'. He is highly skilled in all forms of rock drumming and he has had much to do with the overall direction and sound of this project. Dave brings with him an interesting combination of loud and heavy rock technique coupled with delicate subtleties. A good example of this is in the cover 'Mississippi Queen'. He wails on the crash cymbals through the entire guitar solo while at the same time gently pedaling the high hat.

Dave's experience includes touring with Rick Derringer and Les Dudeck. The 'ringy' snare drum used on 'Man With A Key' and on 'Please' is a Slingerland Radio King given to him by Dave Gara from the band Skid Row. He came into the DCB on the recommendation of the band's former drummer Teddy Reinhardt who continues to endorse him. His well maintained and well tuned Pearl Studio Master Drum Kit was mic'd as follows:

Kick: Shure B52
Snare Top & Toms: Shure SM57
Snare Bottom, Hat & Ride: Shure KM109
​Overhead: (2) AKG C414 (X/Y) 

DC played bass on both cover tunes and on 'Turn Back Time'.  Jim Wynne played bass on everything else. Jim is a musician's musician with incredible technique and an equally incredible ear.  Though he is more than capable of playing complicated and difficult bass parts, he is tasteful enough to lay down simple parts that are appropriate for the song.  

Jim played an Archer KBASS v3 (Kasim Sulton Signature Series) Bass Guitar on this recording.  He used an Ampeg B2RE head with a standard 8x10 SVT cabinet. We recorded his bass with a direct line from the instrument, as well as both a Shure SM57 and a Shure Beta 52 on the cabinet.  The direct line in combination with either one of the mics was used depending on the sound required for the particular track.

This CD was recorded in DC's home studio.  The individual tracks were sent to me via the Internet one by one and then assembled in Pro Tools.  Edits were done while traveling in airports, on airplanes, in hotel rooms, and in my own home studio.  All of the final mixing was done in my home studio as well.  From the beginning it has been my intention to capture the sound that each of these musicians naturally produces and it is my hope that this CD sounds like three seasoned musicians making music. This CD is free of pitch or timing correction and there is no sampling. David St. Onge at the Digital Barn once again did a fine job mastering for us. We are happy to have finished this project, however I for one will miss working on it. 

​ Tony Coniglio

Dave Constantino Band

Touch (2014)

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