By 1998 Tony had acted as production manager for the New Years Eve Ball-drop in Buffalo, NY for 15yrs.  Plans for the turn of the millennium began to take shape and though the original ball was still working well it seemed that a new design was needed to make the 1999/2000 event standout.  

​​ Along with Tina Chaudhry and a design drawn on a napkin, Tony met with the president of 97Rock and came to terms on the plans for building the Ball.  Through all of 1999 Tony with much help from Michael Tortorici and Michael Baroni worked to complete the project. The New Millennium Ball became a reality.  It continues to serve the community to this day with it's one yearly appearance.  The design has been altered in recent times make it more 'green' but the original specification is as follows:

(320) 25w 'G'-Type Lamps (outer layer)
(8) VNSP 600w Par-46 Lamps (inside)
(8) 100w Clear 'A'-Type Lamps (sign)

Total Power: 13,600 Watts
Total Cost: $10,000 (2000)

New Millennium Ball (2000)​

Ball with the top half removed: