1993 Erie County Fair (Maiden Voyage)

1993 UB Baird Pt -  Public Enemy

TurboClamm (1992)

1996 Bill Clinton & Dole / Kemp

1992 Plans


1994 Buffalo, NY - The Pier - Kiss The Summer Hello

1992 Construction

So there they were in the late 80's with EAW MR102's. What to do? Everybody wanted KF850's and they were still ground stacking all of those
antiques.  Tony asked John Kubicki if he thought they could modify the boxes and make them flyable. John looked at him as if he were crazy!.

A few years later Tony met Frank Quebral, a master craftsman. He said he could do it but that they needed to find a band saw with an 18" throat. Tony called around and low and behold Kubicki said he had one.  They went to work.

Roger Schroeder made some drawings. David Perry sold them some components. Tim Rinkerman designed and fabricated the flyware. Many people including Andrew Morrison, Ted Kujawski, Randy Shuld, Ed Rojek, Dave Horey, John Saunders, Carlie Todoro-Rickus, Dean Wright, Joe Schneider and Mark Parsons all lent a hand. In a few short months at the cost of just $1500 per unit they completed the project and the TurboClamm™ system was born.

Following its debut at the Erie County Fair, this rig has done hundreds of shows. Today the system resides at the Darien Lake PAC where it is used used as the delay system for the lawn seating.

1996 St. Bonaventure - Goo Goo Dolls